It all started when…

my father gifted me with a custom built guitar by luthier extraordinaire Steve Lambrecht…

I wanted to design something for the headstock of the guitar that was both beautiful and symbolic. Something that represented who I was—and what my music was about.

I knew I wanted to include a lotus blossom to reflect the mystical and spiritual aspect of my work. The lotus is often used in Eastern traditions to depict the human condition—roots in the mud and muck of daily life—but with the ability to rise above and blossom into exquisite beauty—the perfect visual representation of my perspective on healing and life…

And I wanted to include something to represent my precious viola, my music.

So I came up with a concept of a lotus blossom from which flowed five lines—representing the 5 strings of my viola—and ending in a spiral—representing the scroll of the fiddle’s head.

I took the concept to a talented artist friend of mine—Jon Swindell—and he created this beautiful design which Steve (the maker of the guitar) then brought to life with this exquisite abalone/mother of pearl representation:


It turns out the spiral (represented by the scroll image) is a symbol of the journey of life and all its changes as it unfolds—and in particular feminine energy. How perfect is that!?!?

And then I realized that when I held my instrument to play, the scroll also depicted a ‘C’—for Cindy.

Clearly, it was all meant to be!

And so I came up with the general concept for my logo—a yoga blossom that contained within it a spiral symbol—a triple representation of the scroll of my fiddles, my name, and feminine energy and the changing nature of life’s unfolding.

I took this to my visionary graphic designer/daughter Luna Ellis (and the master of this website’s design!) and she created this image that is now my logo:


I thank Luna, Jon, Steve, my instruments, the mysteries of synchronicity, and all of life’s journey for assisting in the inspiration for and creation of this design!