Cindy Novelo’s performances are an EXPERIENCE, not just a concert. Her music is gorgeous - but I learn so much, too. What she shares - straight from her heart - adds so much meaning and richness to what is already so moving. I leave feeling utterly inspired.
— Tanya Sieber, Lawrence, KS

I love performing - and the opportunity to bring peace and light to people through music.

From intimate house concerts to keynote events for hundreds, from yoga studios to festival appearances, I have been told my music has the ability to open my audiences to a deeper experience of life and the joy and beauty it holds.

I’ve also been told that just as important as the music are the stories I tell in between—stories of courage and hope, told with humor and an authentic delight in the amazing journey that is this life.


One of my favorite things to do is to perform in the intimacy of people's homes. House concerts are a wonderful opportunity for you and your friends to have personal contact with the artist, to have a truly enjoyable evening—and to create a meaningful and rewarding sense of community. And they can be hosted by anyone!

If this idea intrigues you, please visit the house concert hosting page for more info.

Then contact us with any questions you may have—and we will make it happen!

“Cindy’s inspiring music and uplifting energy brings you to a beautiful place of love, healing and infinite possibilities.”
— Tamara Laney, Concert Presenter, San Angelo, TX

Cover photograph by Neale Eckstein