Cindy’s retreat changed my life. Literally. It gave me a totally new perspective, changed how I see everything. The way Cindy was able to open my heart and mind broke me wide open and showed me a whole new world.
Thank you, Cindy!

— Cheryl H., One Mind One Heart Retreat participant
There are absolutely no words - none - to say how much I love Cindy’s music. It touches some deep part of me… I can’t listen without wanting to cry, but in a good and life-giving way.
— Paige Britt - Author, Spiritual Director, Meditation teacher - Georgetown, TX
Cindy’s Meditation and Mindfulness Course for Women was life-changing, life affirming, and an utterly beautiful experience. Thank you, Cindy!
— Kathy A., Retired University Professor
So incredibly inspired after your concert and yoga workshop at Osage Forest of Peace, Cindy. Your kind, gentle and devotional approach to the spiritual life, entwining music in and through it all, opened new doors of possibility for me in creating something brand new to explore. You gave me an experience of what impact one person’s creative personal practice can bring in the world... Thank you so much!
— Dianna Burrup, Singer/Songwriter & Producer, Broken Arrow, OK
I love what you are doing out in the world, Cindy. You aren’t just singing, you’re radiating harmony!!
— Paige Britt, Author & Meditation Teacher, Georgetown, TX
“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~ Rumi

This quote taken from Cindy Novelo’s Mentorship Program is exactly what you can do for yourself with Cindy as your mentor!
I worked with Cindy as my mentor for 6 months and could not be happier with the results. Through her caring and positive approach I was amazed at how my life changed. As a mentor, she guides, supports, and designs her teachings just for you. I gained so much clarity, confidence, and independence with her guidance. I now have a new understanding of who I am, what I need to do, and the steps to get there. She provides you with the tools and techniques that make these important changes not only possible, but immediate! If you are looking for someone to help you be your best self, meet new goals, and gain clarity in your life, then I highly recommend Cindy Novelo as that person!
— Nancy Burke, Coaching Client
Cindy, her music, and her presence envelope the earth like a warm wind – powerful, welcomed, refreshing, nurturing, and heartening.
— David Roth - Singer, Songwriter, Speaker - Orleans, MA
“After listening to Cindy Novelo’s new CD, “Meditation,” I can tell you that tomorrow’s gratitude list will be rife with thankfulness for this beautiful masterpiece… Love, light and peace bubble out and spill over from this work of art…
What an inspiring gift to the world.”
— Pam Grout, New York Times best-selling author
My how I enjoyed your class! It was perfect! I so appreciated your teaching style and the beautifully eloquent way you conducted the class. I especially enjoyed the helpful instructions you provided for how to properly move into the poses, your singing and beautiful viola music! You have been blessed with many gifts – we are blessed that you share them so freely!
— Mea Austin, Fitness Instructor and Inspirational Life Coach
“Cindy, during my yoga class tonight I thought of you. All those years ago at the Swannanoa Gathering you introduced me to the joy of starting the day with gentle yoga. I have continued this nearly every single day since I took your class almost 14 years ago. I’m profoundly grateful for that gift, and I thank you. Hope you’re doing well. ❤️🙏 Namaste.
— Wendy Hearl - Body Awareness & Yoga for Musicians participant - The Swannanoa Gathering, Asheville, NC
I want to tell you how valuable I find your weekly emails. They are usually uncannily timely and apropos to what’s going on with me, and I am so appreciative of you for taking the time to create these wonderful missives for all of us. Love, love, love, Carol
— Carol R., Retired Rolfer and Yoga Teacher Trainee
Cindy, your visit and concert here were magical! I feel you re-calibrated my life to re-focus on intention and spiritual endeavors. You are the loveliest gift to everyone you meet! Much love, Kristin
— Kristin Benjamin, Ballet Instructor, Woodland Hills, CA

I love my mama so so so so much! Almost as much as she loves me! :)
— Luna Ellis, Daughter, Momma, and Website Designer Extraordinaire :)