Cindy, her music, and her presence envelope the earth like a warm wind – powerful, welcomed, refreshing, nurturing, and heartening.
— David Roth - Singer, Songwriter, Speaker

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Haunting, soulful, magical… An award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Cindy Novelo’s music is a mesmerizing fusion of Americana, classical and world music - soulful sounds that rise from the hollows of Appalachia, Europe, India and beyond. Novelo’s authentic sound led Kansas Public Radio's Bob McWilliams to select her debut album Stone's Throw as one of his top picks for best folk albums of the year, along with albums by Sarah Jarosz, Richard Shindell and Cheryl Wheeler. Her most recent CD ‘Meditation’ pushes the boundaries of her innovative and luscious sound, resulting in a deeply moving musical experience.  “The human condition – bold and beautiful – is what speaks to us through her music.” ~Blue Sky Green Earth magazine 

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“Her arrangements are mournful sounds that rise from the hollows of Appalachia and reverberate with the melodies and traditions of both Medieval and Romantic Europe. The smoky peat fires of the Celts mix with the disciplined heat of full-on symphony. I cried in the celebration of soulful sorrow that binds generations of human travail. The human condition – bold, beautiful, and sometimes painful – is what speaks to us through her music.”
— Stephen Pite, Publisher, Blue Sky Green Earth Magazine

Known for her hauntingly beautiful voice and style…this gifted multi-instrumentalist truly takes romantic to a whole new level with poignant sounds from around the globe.
— The Current - Oklahoma/Arkansas’ Alternative Source for News, Entertainment and Green Living
Cindy Novelo’s music is rich with wide open landscapes, deep inner musings and full-on passion. Her voice draws you in while her fiddle soars and her songs inspire.”

— Brooks Williams, Guitarist, Composer and Songwriter – Cambridge, United Kingdom
When Cindy’s bow hits the strings I am captivated. Her tone is intoxicating, and her phrasing makes me weep.”
— Tom Prasada-Rao, Producer and Singer/Songwriter - Washington, D.C.
Enchanting... You draw such beautiful and evocative - even haunting - sounds from your instruments.”
— Gregg Levoy, Author and Inspirational Speaker
Cindy Novelo’s newest release is a melodious blend of folk, classical, and yes, world music. The selections have a beautiful, meditative stillness which is almost classical in depth. Although this is music that would enhance any meditative state, it’s also engrossing to listen to anywhere anytime.”
— Barry Lee, KKFI Radio - Kansas City, MO

Cover photo by Luna Ellis (Vinland, KS)