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12-1 pm - Vinyasa Flow at Westside Yoga, Lawrence, KS
5:45-7 pm - All Levels Yoga at Westside Yoga, Lawrence, KS


12-1 pm - Relax and Restore at Westside Yoga, Lawrence, KS

Walk-ins Welcome!

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“Cindy’s classes are so healing. She is a wonderfully caring, compassionate and kind person - and teacher!”
— David G., Professional Writer
Practicing yoga with Cindy’s guidance is an unmatched experience. She intuitively understands what I need from her each class—challenging me to push myself physically or helping me to just accept where I am or encouraging me to allow myself to be present and relaxed on any given day. She is a nurturing teacher who clearly cares about her students’ well-being.

At the end of class, Cindy almost always sings or plays the viola - a sublime experience… Lying still on my mat, I often achieve such a feeling of joy that I float to my car afterwards and have to pull myself back to reality so that I am not a hazard on the road.

My favorite days are when I have yoga with Cindy. I genuinely look forward to each and every class!
— Amy R., University Professor

class descriptions

All Levels Yoga Classes are a middle way, blending yoga philosophy, asana practice (physical postures), and some specific work on individual poses. Multiple options for poses are available to make this practice just right for you! And almost always, there will be peacefully resonant live music for savasana, our final resting pose.

Generally, Tuesday evening’s All Levels class is a little more active, while Thursday noon’s All Levels class is more peaceful and gentle, including a few restorative poses.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes are flow classes - a little more upbeat to give you energy for your day, but still with multiple options to allow the practice to accommodate your needs. This class begins with centering and breathing practices to calm our minds and bring us into the present moment, proceeds to gentle movement to warm the body, then moves into the core of the flow, before being guided into total relaxation to end the practice. Almost always, there will be peacefully resonant live music for savasana, our final resting pose. The perfect mid-day practice to awaken and enliven your day! Some experience is helpful for this class, but all levels are welcome.

Relax and Restore Classes are deliciously relaxing—and relaxingly delicious! This peaceful practice includes gentle movement, slow stretching, a few restorative poses, a bit of guided meditation, deep breathing—and a sweet amount of sonorous live viola music, singing bowl playing and/or chanting (me mostly, but sometimes the class as a whole). Some call it ‘chill’. I like to call it ‘relax-icious’!

Cover photo by Luna Ellis (Utah Rockies)