Multi-faceted. Soulful. Compassionate. Empowering.

Cindy combines music, yoga, mindfulness practices, and practical, personalized approaches to wellbeing to move people into a place of greater peace, happiness and joy in their lives.

“Cindy has an uncanny ability to individually connect with those she serves and for whom she performs in which she allows each person to chart their own way to enlightenment. Her knowledge is vast and deep and she shares it in a way that is gentle, yet effective.

Thank you, Cindy, for all.”
— Bruce Kelly, former Music Presenter and One Mind One Heart workshop participant


Cindy combines a yogini’s belief in health of body, mind and soul, an ovarian cancer survivor’s wisdom and love of life, with a musical artist’s passion for and commitment to beauty in all of life’s many facets. Her mission is to help others—most especially women—tap into the beauty present in their own lives and to discover the grace in every moment—even within misfortune. It is her deepest desire to provide hope and light to all those with whom she works—whether she is presenting a musical performance, speaking to an audience of cancer survivors, facilitating a workshop or retreat, working with individuals one-on-one, or teaching a music or yoga class.


Cindy's Intention

It is my intention to be kind, to foster connection, to kindle hope and to instill joy, wherever I may go.