Hello—and welcome! I am so very happy you are here.

I invite you to step into a more joyful life.

To awaken to the beauty that is here—in each and every moment. 

To love this life—your life.

yoga classes

Step into a more peaceful, less stressed, happier you. 

My classes incorporate asana practice (the physical poses), mindfulness, meditation, yoga philosophy and music to bring you whole body wellbeing - both on and off the mat.

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Seeking greater peace, happiness and joy in your life? Do you desire more energy and focus? Greater fulfillment and deeper connection? Meditation and Mindfulness can bring all these things—and more—to your life.

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Musical Performance

Music has the ability to transform our lives in deeply meaningful ways - to bring us light, hope, relief, joy. From intimate house concerts to keynote events to yoga studio performances, my music invites you into a deeper experience of life and the joy and beauty it holds.

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Workshops & Retreats

Nothing like a little time away to bring you the peace and restoration you need. Even an afternoon or weekend can nurture us in ways that can be transforming. Give your body, mind and spirit some much-needed care in beautiful, serene settings surrounded by like-minded souls.

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Hans Christian Andersen famously said, "Where words fail, music speaks." Each of us can add this beautiful means of expression to our lives. I offer one-on-one, student-centered, compassionate instruction on viola, piano and guitar to people of all ages.

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Sometimes the most effective—and uplifting—thing we can do for ourselves is to work one-on-one with a trusted guide to help support us as we create the changes in our lives we most ardently desire.

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Retreats, workshops, classes, concerts - and more!

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Again, welcome. I truly am so very happy you have found your way here.

I invite you to fully embrace this life we are living. All its grace and beauty—and, yes, its challenges and sorrows, too.

This sounds like a tall order, I know. For I, like so many of you, have faced major challenges in my life—including divorce, single parenthood, sudden job loss, and cancer. 

I assure you, there is a way through. A way to release anxiety, stress, fear, and doubt. A way to find peace, grace, and ease—even in the midst of our challenges. A way to greater happiness. 

I am here to help you find the way.

I do this through music. Through yoga. Through meditation and mindfulness teachings. Through facilitating connection—to your truest self and to those in your community and the world at large.

I invite you to join me in the celebration. Let us soak in all that beauty, allow it to stir our innermost being that we might live life to its fullest, seeking and offering beauty wherever we may go. 

Today is everything.  This moment. This breath.

The time is now.

Join me on the path.

Photo by    Marvette Ralston

Cover photograph by Jane Bodle (Sapa, Vietnam)