Gratitude: The Gateway to Grace Women’s Retreat

Nov. 1-3, 2019

A beautifully serene setting, a nurturing group of like-minded women, wholesome food, gratitude. The perfect opportunity to step away from the stress of daily life—and into a more joyful way of being.

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Meditation and Mindfulness:
A 4-Week Course for Women

October 3-31, 2019

Are you seeking less stress, more peace, deeper meaning, and/or greater happiness in your life?

Meditation and mindfulness practices can help us to find all of the above, as well as increased energy for and enjoyment of life—and more.

This popular 4-week course offers you the opportunity to begin and/or deepen your meditation practice, with the guidance of an experienced teacher and in the company of others on the path.

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New Year’s Day Workshop:
Releasing the Old, Welcoming in the New

Jan. 1, 2020

This very popular workshop is a refreshing, powerful and intentional way to start your year.

Carefully designed exercises will help you to recognize and release whatever has been holding you back—and then envision how you want to show up in the new year!

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Your Year of Living Mindfully: A Women’s Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat

Jan. 24-26, 2020

Learning how to live more mindfully can move us into a more meaningful and rewarding way of living. A way of living that is focused, powerful, and fulfilling. A way of living that brings deeper peace, satisfaction, and happiness.

I invite you to join me at the beginning of this new year as we explore the timeless and powerful practice of mindfulness together - and how to apply this transformative way of living to our lives so that we might step into the new year as our best possible selves.

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What an amazing retreat experience! I’m continuing to walk on a cloud. Cindy’s retreats bring so much peace and joy to my life. Her depth of knowledge, experience, and talents are vast! Thank you again for the gifts that you bring the world, Cindy!
— Dorothy K., Hospice Care Nurse

Hope in Hard Times Retreat - friendships in the making!

Hope in Hard Times Retreat - friendships in the making!

I so enjoyed your New Year’s Day workshop! For several years I have thought something like your workshop would be the perfect way to welcome a new year... This year I felt that even more intensely - and I knew your workshop would be perfect for this New Year’s Day. I was right. Thank you so much!!!
— Janet G., New Year's Day workshop participant


“Your workshop allowed me a much-needed time to breathe and exhale, to be reminded to slow down and that I matter. I enjoyed every single bit of it!”
— Jennifer J., One Mind One Heart workshop participant

Cover photo by Luna Ellis (Utah Rockies)