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The Sound of Yoga Workshop

  • Darling Yoga 11711 College Boulevard Overland Park, KS 66210 (map)

(913) 498-1144
Price: $45 in advance; $55 at the door

Unveil the healing mystery of your inner voice

Awaken a deeper connection to your yoga practice

Cultivate harmony of body and mind

"Cindy patiently led even the most chicken-to-sing among us to full participation in the chants.  The depth of her knowledge about yoga philosophy connected what she was teaching to more than just sound.  I loved it, and have been chanting alone at home ever since." ~ Mary H., yoga instructor

Would you like to become more comfortable with different chants that have been used in yoga classes you’ve attended?  Do you want to learn how to chant freely and openly without worrying about whether or not you have a singing voice? Are you interested in exploring a facet of yoga that holds within it the seeds of deep inner healing and expanded awareness?

Whether you are brand new to yoga or are an experienced teacher who simply wants to deepen your understanding of and comfort with chanting, this workshop will bring new ease and enjoyment to this sacred and beautiful tradition that is an integral part of the world of yoga.  

Participants will be led through simple and basic sounds, learning to comfortably and easily ‘ride’ the breath, a method that makes chanting both easy and relaxing.  Participants will explore the ancient sound “Om”, the science and meaning of mantra, and will learn a few of Patanjali’s yoga sutras, as well as a variety of chants commonly used in yoga.

All levels - and all voices - welcome!