The Heart of Healing: Discovering Your Most Vibrant You

How do we heal ourselves? Adversity can help us to grow--but how exactly do we get there?  How do we find the grace within misfortune? How can we learn to embrace the moments of darkness that are ultimately a pathway to the light?  How do we unveil the heart to reclaim the soul’s true joy? Gain practical tools, valuable insights, and a refreshingly positive perspective through ovarian cancer survivor and award-winning singer/songwriter Cindy Novelo as she explores the rewards of the healing journey - and how the gifts that lie within can teach you to become your most vibrant you.

Reclaim your joy, find grace in every moment, befriend fear, and learn how to truly care for and become your most amazing, vibrant, and expansive YOU!

Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

Gain Insight and Learn Tools To:

  • Develop ways to maintain a positive, healthy perspective of current events

  • Release fear and anxiety about the future

  • Uncover the grace and beauty available in every moment

  • Be the change you wish to see in the world

Life is full of challenges - and many among us are finding the current socio-political climate has made life all the more stressful. How can we stay engaged in the world, while also cultivating the peace within that is so vital to meeting each day with both mindfulness and enthusiasm? How can we seek the healing and social justice to which we aspire - both as individuals and as a community - and still maintain balance and optimism?

This event combines music, song, meditation and practical strategies for moving beyond anxiety and worry, identifying the grace and beauty that is around us each and every day, and stepping into a more peaceful and radiant way of living - even in times of uncertainty and challenge.

One Mind, One Heart: Clearing the Path to a More Brilliant YOU

Are you facing life situations you find challenging, confusing or painful? Or are you feeling ‘stuck’ or in a rut? This workshop can help clear your way to a more joyful, expansive and radiant life!

Drawing on practices from both eastern and western traditions - including yoga, meditation, journaling and reflective and group exercises - this workshop helps participants see whatever challenges they are facing in a newer, clearer light. The workshop begins with gentle breathing exercises and a guided meditation to open our bodies, hearts and minds. Then we dive into the rich and practical tools of a variety of world spiritual traditions. This workshop invites you to fall into grace - as you clear your way to a more peaceful, joyful and radiant life!

Yoga’s true aim is to unveil our deepest souls so that we might see our own and all of creation’s inherent divinity and brilliance. Often our focus is on the physical practice, but it is in the exploration of yoga philosophy that the true gems of yoga are revealed. 

This workshop combines both, beginning with a gentle 45-minute practice to open our bodies, hearts and minds. Then we will dive into the rich and practical tools of yoga philosophy to help us see whatever challenges we might be facing in a newer, clearer light. This workshop invites you to fall into grace - to discover peace and joy in every moment of this wondrous and sacred life as you clear your way to a more joyful, expansive and radiant life!

One Mind, One Heart: Unveiling the Soul’s True Brilliance

(for yoga studios)

Almost all world mystical traditions include some form of vocalization or chant that is practiced to assist people in awakening expanded consciousness.  The use of sound in yoga embodied in the tradition of chanting is thousands of years old and is found in almost all of yoga’s various schools. Whether you are brand new to yoga, an experienced teacher who wants to deepen your understanding of and comfort with chanting, or simply someone who wants to free your own authentic voice, this workshop will bring new ease and enjoyment to this sacred and beautiful tradition.  

Participants will be led through simple and basic sounds, learning to comfortably and easily ‘ride’ the breath, a method that makes chanting both easy and relaxing.  We will explore the ancient sound “Om”, the science and meaning of mantra, and then learn a few basic chants from various traditions, including a few of Patanjali’s classic yoga sutras.  All of this will pave the way to a beautiful and wondrous freeing of each individual’s unique voice and ability to express themselves in the world.

Exploring Chant: The Yoga of Sound

This workshop dives deeper into the world of chant, revealing the power and wondrous beauty of coming together with others to experience the true mysticism of the yoga of sound.  It is designed to offer a valuable experience to all - both those who have attended the initial workshop (see description above) and those who are new. It begins with a review of the elements covered in the first Exploring Chant workshop, including learning to comfortably and easily ‘ride’ the breath,  the science and meaning of mantra, and the sacred syllable OM. Participants will then be gently guided through basic to more intricate chants, explore Patanjali's yoga sutras, and learn a beautiful series of chants that accompany the sun salutation.

Whether you are brand new to yoga or are an experienced teacher who simply wants to deepen your experience with chanting, this workshop will bring new enjoyment to this sacred and beautiful tradition.  An award-winning musician, Cindy will open and close this workshop with her soulful music, inviting participants into a truly vibratory and resonant experience.

Exploring Chant: A Continuing Journey into the Yoga of Sound

(for yoga studios)

Yoga and poetry are a beautiful combination as yoga opens us up to our deepest expression and poetry allows that expression to reveal itself through the written word. This workshop begins with grounding exercises, then moves through gentle movement and meditative exercises all designed to inspire and uplift. Throughout, participants will be invited to pause to contemplate and respond in writing to what has just been experienced. Examples of yoga poetry and guidelines for allowing creative poetry to flow will be offered as part of the workshop. A beautiful way to combine creative expression of body, mind and soul and the written word.

Yoga Poetry

(for yoga studios)

People often ask why Sanskrit is used in yoga classes, rather than simply using the English translations. This ancient language is unique in that it was intentionally structured to move beyond the analytical mind into deeper levels of consciousness. When used, Sanskrit has the ability to take us instantly to a deeper state of awareness, creating calming and opening effects on mind, body and spirit.

Whether you are brand new to yoga or are an experienced teacher who simply wants to get a better handle on Sanskrit pronunciation, this workshop will bring new ease and enjoyment to this sacred and beautifully resonant language.  Teacher and linguist Cindy Novelo will break Sanskrit words down into easy, manageable parts, guiding participants through a series of fun exercises that will help students to pronounce words commonly used in yoga classes and engage them in physical activities that will help to truly embody the meaning of the words.

An award-winning musician, Cindy sees language as music and music as language. She will open and close this workshop with some soothing Sanskrit chants accompanied by her soulful viola playing, to invite participants into a truly vibratory and resonant day.

Sanskrit for Yogis

(for yoga studios)

This workshop offers an opportunity to consolidate the information learned in Sanskrit I, spend more time with the yoga asana, and explore the mythology and stories behind various yoga poses.

Sanskrit for Yogis II

(for yoga studios)

Could there be a deeper and more mystical understanding to the teachings of one of the most prominent wisdom teachers of all time?

While facilitating a unique course on yoga philosophy she created for a small private university in rural Kansas, singer/songwriter and yoga instructor Cindy Novelo was faced with a challenge; many of her students were traditional Christians who felt conflicted about some of the spiritual ideas presented in the course.  This inspired Cindy to explore the common ground between yoga philosophy and Christianity so she might better guide her students. This study led her to an exciting new mystical perspective on Jesus and his teachings, igniting and deepening her own spiritual journey - which she shares with participants in this fascinating workshop.  

Through musical sharing and interactive exercises, Cindy guides workshop participants through an exciting exploration of yoga philosophy, the original Aramaic language spoken by Jesus, and historical events that have shaped traditional Christian theology.  Come break your perspective wide open as we learn how all these things bring a new and wondrous understanding to the wisdom teachings of Jesus.

EAST MEETS WEST: A New Perspective on the Wisdom Teachings of Jesus

This workshop explores the ancient practice of yoga – a system that goes far beyond the physical.  Many believe they must be flexible and agile to practice yoga, but in fact, yoga can be found in every breath, every thought and every action; there are even some paths of yoga that do not include the physical movements at all! This workshop gives participants historical perspective and philosophical insight into the practice. Participants will be introduced to the different paths of yoga and we will delve into various ancient texts, including the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, as well as exploring the eight limbs of classical yoga, an ancient system offering guidelines for enlightened living with the aspiration of union with the divine.

Note: This workshop is focused on the philosophical and historical aspects of yoga and does not include the physical practice. If you wish for a physical component to be incorporated, this can be arranged, by request.

The Ancient Art of Yoga: Beyond the Physical