The Delight of 'No'

Don’t forget that ‘No’ is a really, really complete sentence.
— Dita Manelli

Isn't that a great reminder?

Yes is a good word. And so is no.

In fact, it is often our 'no's that open up more and more space for the wonderful pleasure of saying YES to the things that really allow us to step into our highest good, the we we were meant to be.

This week I said no to a dear friend's request for assistance in translating a document from English to Spanish that was really beyond me. I love her and it was for a good cause and maybe I could have done it with a lot of struggle and a lot of time and some assistance from some native Spanish-speaking friends. But it would have been a struggle—and would have taken precious time away from the tasks that will really use me and my gifts in a much better way (that's my yes!)

My no for today is to staying up late tonight. I'm gonna go to bed early. Yep. Even on a Friday night.

Which is going to allow me to say YES to rising early tomorrow morning and listening to the birds and watching the sunrise and having a full, sweet, productive morning. Yea!

What will you say no to today? And how will that open you up to a more beautiful yes?

Cover photo by Cindy Novelo (Medina River, Texas Hill Country)